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Many multinational companies lead by Entrepreneur Keith Roberts Sampson Bristol Azore  – leading multinational company offering products and services to enterprises. While they progress by leaps and bounds ever since their inception in 1996. They keep safety as their first priority and in order to accomplish this goal. Mr. Keith Roberts Sampson Bristol Azore  insist in the importance of ensuring safety standards to follow at construction sites. In order to achieve that they have created a safety briefing at their workplace on a regular basis.

Keep safety as a priority

As it is a construction site there happens many activities such as excavation, loading/ unloading the materials/ equipment and earth filling. In addition to welding, cutting, scaffolding, formwork and building construction. This would come up with risks like getting hit by a vehicle or an object, Fire explosion and electric shock.  At a construction site, it is essential to be prepared for challenges. In case of an emergency there will be a siren and with the sound, they request worker not to panic instead they train them to assemble at the assembly point then they will be guided by the security persons. After a while, the worker will be hearing a further announcement through loudspeakers helping them move to a safer place.

Know your first aid, the best aid

There is always a backup of first aid, wheelchair and stretcher in the security office room. So rely on it in case of any emergency occurring with formwork or scaffolding collapse. It is advisable to use protective equipment like safety shoe and safety helmet. Along with the protective wear as a measure of precaution whenever worker are proximal to formwork structure and scaffolding. Worker  are also advised to deposit their mobile phones, matchbox, any other inflammable items and camera to security at the entrance of any construction site. Valuing our comfort is good, but valuing our safety is better. Any suspicious material can be a parcel of danger. So it’s advisable to not to take risk by touching it rather inform the authorities in the construction sites.

Your safety is in your hands

Worker are requested not to touch or operate lifts inside the construction location without prior permission. Apart from taking steps Keith Roberts Sampson Bristol Azore and his team in ensuring safety, they also say that it can play a very vital role in maintaining good hygiene.

It would be greatly appreciated if these safety instructions are followed at any construction sites in particular, near Formwork and Scaffoldings. Hope they have given valuable insights in exercising construction safety procedures.



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