National Scaffolding Competition 2015

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Dscaff National Scaffolding Competition

Dscaff will be holding an INAUGURAL NATIONAL SCAFFOLD COMPETITION. Twelve teams each with 4 qualified scaffolds will compete to become the Best Scaffold Team in Malaysia.

This serves as one of our companies Corporate social responsibility (CSR) program to the Scaffolding Industry with winners being rewarded with cash prize money and the judges of this competition being professional experts from home and overseas.

With the huge growth in Oil &Gas infrastructure over the next 5 years, our goal is to familiarize our industry professionals with a deeper knowledge of the different types of scaffolding and technology which are available from Dscaff.  Dscaff will be holding an open day where we will have a tour of our forging facilities and load testing on our latest modular scaffolding system.

This competition is also in recognition of the Scaffolders working around the country in often difficult environments, these men are a crucial part of every project, including new build and maintenance work both on and off shore.


To erect two scaffolding structures with a time challenge.

A team of 4, will race to safely erect two sets of scaffolding, each comprising of 2 bays with stairs, decking and handrails.

The basis of design for each scaffold will be similar, however the type of scaffold will differ as follows:

  1. Dscaff Tubular scaffold, consisting of scaffold tubes , couplers, and lightweight decks
  2. Dscaff SAS modular scaffolding, consisting of prefabricated modular components.

Each team will be issued with a set of drawings, tools and safety harness. These drawings will outline the way in which the structures must be built and is the main basis for the adjudication process. It is the responsibility of each participating team member to supply their own PPE. If any member of the team does not have the correct PPE then time penalties may apply. This will be at the discretion of the adjudicators.

A total of twelve teams will complete in this competition over two rounds. Teams will draw tokens to decide if they will be competing in the first or second round. Areas have been marked for each individual competition bay. Each team will start within their allocated competition bay.

Once each team completes the scaffold erection and is satisfied that the scaffold is fit for use, all 4 team members will line up at the front edge of the bay where their total time will be recorded.


Dscaff National Scaffolding Competition

The panel of judges will then inspect and adjudicate on the built scaffolds first against the drawings provided and then for a variety of other criteria. If any discrepancies are found, they will be recorded and tabled as a final score (time).

Dscaff team members will assist the teams to dismantle the scaffolding in preparation for the next 6 teams.

 Rules and Regulations

A team of independent judges will assess the safety performance during the competition and will take notes of any safety violation, for example: not using safety harness when above 2.0m high, dropping scaffolding, etc. These safety errors will be recorded and will attract time penalties.

On completion of the scaffold erection, the team leader will affix a correctly completed scaffold tag to each scaffold, and then the team will line up at the front of their designated bay and their time will be recorded. The clock will stop when all team members are lined up within their competition bay.

The teams are free to decide in what order they erect each type of scaffolding, they may also choose to split their team and start on both scaffolding structures together. This will be a team tactical decision.  Only time will tell if this is the correct action.

The total build time is 2 hours to complete both structures.

The judges will then assess each scaffold and record any errors and time will be deducted accordingly.

While 1 group is in the build process, the following group will be provided the opportunity to view some of the Dscaff facilities. There will be guided tours through to the Couplers manufacturing area, some robotic displays, etc. There will also be the opportunity for to view the range of Dscaff access, shoring and formwork products.


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