The bamboo used as scaffolding in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Scaffolding Bamboo

The bamboo used as scaffolding in Hong Kong to build or repair skyscraper in Hong Kong that are 30 storey up hanging on a bamboo pole.

With scaffolding made of bamboo, it is a common sight in this urban canyon of Hong Kong. Towering, ladder and stick trusted by the worker who claim to them.

It is remarkable when you consider the bamboo is technically the largest member of the grass family.

To get a better sense of how this very modern city uses such an ancient technique for construction. One of the reporter went to the bamboo scaffolding school in Hong Kong.

Master Weng Chi Liang is expert in bamboo scaffolding. He explain that bamboo is both hallow and strong. Bamboo is lighter, cheaper and more flexible than metal scaffolding and that allow him to work at any height.

Reporter surprised and asked Master Weng that you work 88 storey up on bamboo? Master answered that he can see a lot cloud from up there.

Master Weng explained that the key to this job is a safety technique he called riding the bamboo by keeping an ankle locked around the pole at all times.

Reporter surprise that Master Weng keep his glove in his helmet.

As for the scaffolding, Master Weng make it look so easy. It held together with simple knot made of nylon strip.

Reporter try to make the knot but he say he have ruin it and tell Master Weng to finish it. The reporter say that he should stick to his day job.

The people who do this work are proud with their craft.

One of the worker named Chan Sia Fan say that bamboo scaffolding is an art.

It is Chinese traditional art that can be trace back thousand of year. it is certainly example of ancient skill that continue to be taken to modern day height.

It took 30 minute to build simple scaffolding structure that can support 2 people and it is relatively light to even a woman can held it up one side of scaffold.



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