Central of China’s scaffold has collapsed and caused 2 deaths

Rescuers work at the accident site after a scaffold collapsed in a construction site of a peony park in Macheng City, central China's Hubei Province, March 28, 2017. Seven people were buried in the accident which occurred on Monday afternoon. Of the 15 workers who were initially buried, eight have been rescued. --Xinhua

The two workers have been rescued from the collapse of the scaffold in China, but have died upon reaching the hospital.

The rescuer still in searching for another seven workers that still buried in the debris. The search for workers is equipped with life detector and sniffer dog.

The rescue commander named LiYifang said that they will carefully dismantle and removing the heavy object to avoid hurting the trapped workers.

Police detain eight people that responsible with the construction site of an amusement park.

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